Hiking and Backpacking in the US

US backpacking tripsWhere to find Information about hikes and backpack adventures in the US

There are a number of hiking and backpacking adventures in the United States.  With those treks, you can also take advantage of different types of scenery and terrains.  The biggest question is where to find out about all of the various trails and journeys that are available.

Fortunately, there are many resources available online.  We, of course, hope to be one for you as well.  However, if Montymca.org can’t provide you with the information you are looking for regarding your next backpacking adventure, hopefully, this list of resources can give that information.

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This list just names a few of our favorite hiking opportunities.  There certainly are several more out there.  And there are certainly many trails that aren’t mentioned.

You can do a search online to find some of those that may be closer to home or specifically within a state or city you designate.  Other ways to find some of the trips available within a particular local or state are:

One item to bear in mind when searching for your next backpacking adventure is the level of difficulty of the hike.  Some of the most beautiful hikes in the U.S. certainly can be taken on by a beginning hiking enthusiast.  This is certainly the case of the hike at Westfork Trail in Sedona, Arizona.  However, there are also some amazing hikes that likely aren’t intended for a backpacker just beginning their journey into this activity.  They are reserved for the more experienced hiking participant.

Another item to keep in mind about choosing your hike in the US or any part of the world for that matter is how long of a duration you want the hike to be.  There are some options for day long treks that are sure to be fulfilling for the person doing the hike.  However, if a trail is chosen that is designed for a multiple-day journey, and the hiker is not prepared for a hike that will last that long, the outcome of that adventure is far less enjoyable and in some cases can be extremely dangerous.

One final tip for choosing the hike of your dreams or at least one you want to embark on is dependent upon the gear that is necessary for the hike.  Do you have the right kind of equipment for your hike?  Going backpacking obviously requires a backpack.  Do you have one to meet your needs for the trip you’ve chosen? Here is one place that talks about backpacks and gives reviews.  You can learn more about them at their (Facebook page-MagnusMidtboe.) If not, you may want to make another choice.  Or, you can find a backpack that does provide you with what you need.  Some questions to make that determination are whether the pack is durable, lightweight, large enough to carry everything, etc.

Other items to determine whether needed or not is the type and amount of food, dry clothing, tent, jacket, and more.  Don’t let the idea of a “daylong” trip fool you.  Even some of these types of treks require more than the shirt on your back and snack bar in your pocket.

Hopefully, this information will give you some valuable information to help you find some hiking and backpacking options in the US.  Take a trip and experience the great outdoors and the beauty it offers on some trails within the region of the United States.